living in the digitalised world

Leaving beside a very conservative perspective from which the internet marks the end of Christian occident, the internet is at least the basic infrastructure of a technological revolution, which could be put in row with the fire, the wheel, printing and the industrial revolution. Progressively speaking it can be perceived as a revolution of the concept of technological revolutions itself. This revolutionary process goes often along with an acceleration of the historical process of globalisation.

The seminar “Living in the digitalised world” tries to connect these two, often intertwined, transformations with the living world of the students. In order to reach this aim, the seminar is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on everyday life aspects, such as the daily use of smartphones. In this part the students should be enabled to reflect their everyday life practices from the perspective of relating theories. The second part focuses on the urban aspects of that transformation. After the presentation of some theories, which mainly come from the so called “California School of Urban Sociology and Geography” (e. g. Manuel Castells and Edward W. Soja), this part will end in an excursion to Basel. During that excursion the students will visit some sites (e. g. “Unternehmen Mitte”, “Novartis Campus”) in which these intertwined processes had become material space.

Seminar (BA): Living in the digitalised world. Das Leben in der digitalisierten Welt.

Educational objectives:

Students are able to:
– subsume the positions of sociological & geographical theories;
– apply them to related phenomena, which they know from their personal experience;
– reflect their personal experience from the perspective of these theories;
– identify significant places of the digital and global transformation process in Basel;
– present both in form of a blog post;
– understand English scientific articles and
– talk about them in English.

Evaluation of student achievement

The students should ether subsume the position of a scientific text and connect it to a related phenomenon, which they know from their own experience.

Or the students should subsume the position of a scientific text and connect to a site which will be visited during the excursion.

Both should be presented ether in the seminar or during the excursion and as a blog article.


Previous knowledge of the Content-Management-Systems (WordPress) is not necessary. All required skills will be thought in the seminar.

The seminar will be held in English and German. In order to enable the students to deal with English texts, the seminar starts with some German texts and connects them with English newspaper articles. Afterwards it goes over to a discussion of the newspaper articles in English before the English scientific articles will be discussed. These discussions will be at first held in German and, finally, in English.

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