Overview seminar

Structure: Topics, contributors und texts:

No. Date Topics/Contributors  Literature
1 26.02 1. Getting to Know.

2. Your personal experiences with digitalisation.

3. Where to go? Your suggestions for excursions spots.

4. How to present your findings online (introduction into WordPress, how to deal with and cite (online) resources).

2 05.03 How to deal with English texts? Penny, Laurie 2013: Internet detox promotes the myth of web toxicity. The Guardian. London. Online access, checked on 2/25/2018.


Shaw, Joe; Graham, Mark 2017: An informational right to the city. In: Ibid.: Our digital rights to the city. N. p.  Online access, checked on 2/25/2018. P. 4 – 5.

3 12.03 Everyday life in the pre-internet area.

Mike Schneeberger

Niklas Bienbeck

Berger, Peter; Luckmann, Thomas 1991: The Reality of Everyday Life. In: Ibid.: The Social Construction of Reality. Harmondsworth. P. 33 – 42.
4 19.03 The history of the internet.

Arianna Cacciato

Alina Egle

Castells, Manuel 2001: Lessons from the history of the internet. In: Ibid.: The Internet Galaxy. Reflections on the Internet, Business, and Society. Oxford. P. 1 – 35.
5 26.03 Everyday life in the internet area.

Thomas Puetz




Ruben Loke


Greenfield 2017: Introduction: Paris year zero. And: Smartphone: The networking of the self. In: Ibid.: Radical Technologies. The Design of Everyday Life. London. P. 1 – 19.


Wall, Tyler; Monahan, Torin 2011: Surveillance and violende from afar: The politics of drones and liminal securtiy-scapes. In: Theoretical Criminology 2011, Vol. 15(3), p. 239 – 254.

6 02.04 Easter Monday. None.
7 09.04 Growing up in the age of internet.


Hareja Llapatinca

Palfrey, John; Gasser, Urs 2008: Introduction. In: Ibid.: Born digital. New York. P. 1 – 15.


Ibid.: Overload. p. 185 – 208.

8 16.04 Knowledge, gender and the internet.

Dario Barone

Ford, Heather; Wajcman, Judy 2017:’Anyone can edit’, not everyone does: Wikipedia’s infrastructure and the gender gap. In: Social Studies of Sciene 2017, Vol. 47(4), p. 511 – 527.
9 23.04 A new economy?

Mira Gemperle

Rifkin, Jeremy 2014: The great paradigm shift from market capitalism to collaborative commons. In: Ibid.: The zero marginal society. The internet of things, the collaborative commons, and the eclipse of capitalism. New York. P. 10 – 28.
10 30.04 Global capitalism.


Sassen, Saskia 2002: Towards a sociology of information technology. In: Current Sociology. May 2002. Vol 50(3): p. 365 – 388. London.
11 07.05 The digitalised city.

Lea Zirngibl

Nissenbaum, Helen; Varnelis, Kazays 2012: Modulated cities: Networked spaces, reconstituted subjects. Situated technology pamphlets No. 9. New York. Online access, checked on 2/25/2018.
12 14.05 Excursion to Basel. None.
13 21.05 Whit Monday. None.
14 28.05 Recap. None.

All texts are available here on ADAM.

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